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MSIG's Values 
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To contribute to the development of a vibrant society and help secure a sustainable future for the world, by bringing security and safety through our global insurance and financial services business.



To become the No.1 General Insurer in the Region in premium, profits and service quality.


Brand and Values

MSIG is the established leading insurer with a long-term perspective which aims to offer insurance solutions that are effective, efficient and simple to understand; delivered with active and sincere service.


CUSTOMER FOCUSED We continuously strive to provide security and achieve customer satisfaction.
INTEGRITY We are sincere, kind, fair and just in all our dealings with everyone.
TEAMWORK We achieve mutual growth by respecting one another's individuality and opinions, and by sharing knowledge and ideas.
INNOVATION We listen to our stakeholders and continuously seek ways to improve our work and business.
PROFESSIONALISM We make continuous efforts to improve our skills and proficiency to provide high quality services.

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