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1.     Fire

Fire as a consequence of self combustion, negligence, wrongdoing committed by own servant or employee, neighbor, robber or other whomsoever, or other unknown causes of fire including the consequence of:

The spreading of fire:

a.         caused by self combustion, short circuit;

b.         due to the nature of the insured property (inherent vice).

Fire spreading from nearby objects.

Loss of or damage to insured property and/or interests caused by water or other used to fight or extinguish the fire.


Destruction of all or part of the insured property and/or interests ordered by lawful authorities to prevent further spreading of the fire.


2.     Lightning

Damage directly caused by lightning. Damage to machinery, electronic apparatus or appliances and electrical installation will only be covered if the lightning ignites fire to such property .

3.     Explosion

Explosion is deemed to mean any sudden release of energy resulting form expansion of gases or vapor. If explosion is also covered by more specific policy, indemnity will be only against the loss as a consequence of explosion in so far as the loss is not covered by such other policy .


4.     Impact of Falling Aircraft

Loss by aircraft shall include direct loss resulting from actual physical contact of an aircraft and/or falling object from the aircraft with property or interest covered hereunder or with the building containing the property or interest covered.


5.     Smoke

Smoke is only smoke resulting from the burning of the insured property and/or interest.




1.       Riots, Strike, Malicious Damage (RSMD).

2.       Impact of Vehicle and Industrial Smoke.

3.        Flood, Windstorm, Tempest and Water Damage.

4.       Clearance Expenses / Removal of DebriIS.

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